Essay on Poverty

Valuable Tips and Resources Poverty has always been a fact of life, in every country, every society and every century. In order to write an essay on poverty, there are many things to consider. First of all, what defines poverty? Is there one set of circumstances that always qualify or is poverty more relative and dependent on other factors? Is there a single solution to poverty or many solutions or none at all? The answers to these questions can be found in many sources.

Most news and commentary programs broach the subject fairly regularly, although in differing contexts. This resource can provide valuable information to write analytical essays on this topic. The poverty in Haiti, for example, and the earthquake that worsened it is one approach to writing an effective essay on poverty. Many countries in Africa, such as the Sudan and Kenya have high levels of poverty. Haiti was very poor before the earthquake, as were Kenya and the Sudan, but for somewhat different reasons. The African countries are poor because of droughts, famines, and political (also religious) conflict. Hunger and disease follow poverty, increasing the misery of the poor.

Haiti cannot explain their previous condition in the same way.

Haiti occupies half an island. The other half is a prosperous paradise! Foreign countries have been pouring money on Haiti for more than a hundred years, to no avail. Corruption in the government and lawlessness are the chief contributing factors to their poverty. A large amount of the money being sent as earthquake relief has failed to get to the right people, being stolen by criminals of one type or another.

Poverty exists in America, too. However, there are major differences in the causes and conditions in the USA (and other wealthy countries) that make our poor unique. Granted, criminals both in and out of government can be held responsible for some degree of deprivation among some citizens. It is important to note in an essay on poverty that a poor family in the USA has a place to live, TV, food, medical care, a vehicle (or two!), and the opportunity to get an education. A poor family in Kenya, for example, might well live in a mud hut with no running water and no electricity.

Benjamin Franklin had a solution to most poverty. He thought that not allowing people to become too comfortable with being poor would encourage them to improve their own circumstances. For the vast majority of people, his advice is sound. A young girl in Kenya was given a goat. She raised the goat and ultimately started milking. She sold the milk and was able to buy shoes and clothes to allow her to attend school. More milk provided school supplies and books. Hard work and careful planning enabled her to graduate with honors and scholarships. She and her family were no longer poor. Education can be the best way out of poverty.

Investigating American poverty is easy to do and will help form an explanatory essay.

There are dozens of sources available. The Internet, TV, magazines, newspapers all carry stories of poverty and a wide variety of solutions. To write an effective essay on poverty, it helps to look at the subject from many angles, and considering different solutions should be part of the story. It helps to ask questions and provide the answers as part of the essay. For example: Does increasing minimum wage relieve poverty? Or does it cause unemployment and create more poverty? Does government subsidized food, housing and medical provide a comfortable position for the poor? Or is education a better method than comfort? Poverty is a fact of life in all societies and the solutions are numerous, depending on the essay length needed this can cover many aspects of the subject.